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The fashion gallery, hosted at Banfield Museum

Showcasing Calderdale Museums’ fashion and textile collections from ancient Egypt to modern day. Calderdale Museums has one of the best but little known textile collections in the country. There are 17,000 objects, collected from all over the world. The collection began when the museum first opened in 1887. It represents the influence of world textiles on local production as well as how local textiles have been exported around and influenced the world. The collection includes significant objects from Ancient Egypt, The Balkans, China, Japan and the Indian Subcontinent.

Bankfield Museum asked us to create a brand and produce a whole range of marketing material for them to promote their amazing and exciting collection. From the brand design, leaflets, banners, exhibition display panels, photography and video production, we’ve worked closely with Bankfield Museum to bring their vision of the Fashion Gallery to life.


The Fashion Gallery

What we did

  • Logomark design
  • Brand design
  • Printed wall graphics
  • Leaflets + flyer design and print
  • Professional photography
  • Video production
  • Printed marketing material design

The Fashion Gallery Logo and Brand Design

The first project for the Fashion Gallery was to create the logo and brand that would be used throughout the exhibition. This would then be used across print and online marketing material. Bankfield Museum wanted us to create a simple logo that gave an established yet modern style. For the logo, we used a serif font with consistent sizing and a square footprint, making it easy to incorporate across The Fashion Gallery’s marketing.

As well as creating the logo for The Fashion Gallery, we selected a font that complimented the logo design. We selected a sans serif typeface due to its clean and sophisticated aesthetic. We used both light and bold weights to create contrast within layouts, giving designs more impact.

fg logo
bankfield museum fashion gallery roller banner 1

Exhibition Banners

The second step was to produce a range of pull-up and vinyl banners which would be used to promote the opening of The Fashion Gallery exhibition at Bankfield Museum.

The simple brand style was used across all of the printed banners. They display the logo, high quality photography and clear body copy, making them clear to read for all ages.

The high quality photography provides a glimpse of what The Fashion Gallery has to offer. The enlarged image shows a detailed preview of the style of garments on display. This cropped style entices visitors and generates interest around the collection on display in The Fashion Gallery.

bankfield museum fashion gallery leaflet

Exhibition Leaflets

We then created a folded leaflet to promote the range of diverse clothing that The Fashion Gallery has in its collection. The leaflet shows a small selection of clothing from the modern-day, right back to ancient Egypt.

The selection of high-quality photography used throughout the leaflet shows clothing of different shapes and sizes. There are ancient garments, shoes, fans, dresses and court clothing, providing the viewer with an insight into the diverse collection on display at the museum.

This six-page, compact leaflet contains a range of professional photography and provides a real taste of what The Fashion Gallery has to offer to its visitors. The leaflet also shows important information such as interesting facts about the exhibition.

The reverse of the leaflet has opening times, a map of Halifax and a national map. This allows visitors to easily locate Halifax in relation to their location. The leaflet is used to promote The Fashion Gallery within other buildings, such as Shibden Hall and Heptonstall Museum.


Exhibition Information Panels

A vital part of the exhibition was the creation of wall panels that display factual context about the items and garments they reside next to. The panels are easy to read, displaying text and images clearly, enabling visitors to digest the content with ease.

Bankfield Museum were really happy with the visuals we submitted for the exhibition panels. The panels compliment the light and spacious exhibition while clearly presenting the information about the items on display.


Preview Invite

Before the exhibition opened to the public, Bankfield Museum invited a selection of guests to an exclusive preview of The Fashion Gallery.

The Fashion Gallery brand that we created was incorporated within the invite to give a consistent theme and style. This allowed guests to see the The Fashion Gallery’s branding before the grand opening of the brand new exhibition.

The court dress from the exhibition’s collection was used again to reinforce a consistent style. The reverse of the invite presents the back of the court dress and all of its beautiful details.

invite mockup 1 e1565966448119

Exhibition Wall Graphics

We created a range of wall graphics that are displayed in the lower part of the exhibition leading up to the top floor, this helps visitors to identify The Fashion Gallery within the museum. The wall graphics are placed in the hallways and stairways in order to peak visitors’ interest as they make their way up to the exhibition hall.

The wall graphics are of fashion plates that range throughout different eras of fashion and a large timeline graphic that presents fabric samples from 100BC to the modern day.

trail leaflet

Children’s Trail Leaflet

For the younger visitors of The Fashion Gallery, we created a trail leaflet that provides activities and interesting questions relating to items found throughout the exhibition. The trail leaflet is a great way to keep younger visitors entertained on their visit and enhances their overall experience in the museum.

The trail leaflet is a great way for young visitors to learn more about the rich history of fashion, while they answer engaging questions and draw items found on display in the exhibition. As part of the leaflet design, we created a friendly character to make the leaflet appealing to a younger audience.


Museum Exhibition Photography

We photographed each of The Fashion Gallery exhibition rooms and captured close-up images of the astounding details that can be found throughout the exhibition. Our professional photography can be used throughout future marketing, both in print and online.

These high-quality photographs give an excellent insight into this fantastic exhibition, while showing the amazing and diverse collection of fashion items at Bankfield Museum.

Client feedback

“IDEA offered a really friendly, local service to us, they presented a project which we could really get on board with and they gave us lots of different options and created a style and a brand for us that really appealed and listened to what we wanted. I’ve been working with IDEA for a number of years and we go to them because we want something that’s fresh, modern and really showcases our wonderful collections here at the museum. IDEA has given us something we didn’t have before, it really brought us into the modern-day, they offered us a style and concept that we really wanted to get on board with and felt that we could really take throughout the rest of the museum.

Since using IDEA we’ve been able to design a range of interpretation panels, we’ve done and education leaflet, we’ve done a number of label designs as well, we’ve done a marketing campaign around the fashion gallery, we’ve done outdoor banners, we’ve really done a whole suite of marketing materials that we’re really happy with.

I’d recommend IDEA because they’re small, friendly, they really listen to what you want and provide a very competitive price.”

Elinor Camille-Wood, Curator at Bankfield Museum.


Bankfield Video Testimonial

We’re always thrilled to receive positive feedback on our efforts to turn our client’s vision into a professional, creative solution. Here’s Elinor Camille-Wood, one of the curators at Bankfield Museum, speaking on the services we provide for Bankfield Museum and Calderdale Council. We’d like to thank Elinor and Calderdale Council for giving us the opportunity to work on such an amazing exhibition and we are looking forward to continuing to work together closely on future projects.


Gentleman Jack Costumes

Did you watch the Gentleman Jack series on BBC One? Well, Bankfield Museum and Shibden Hall are the hosts to the mind-blowing costumes used in the series! Gentleman Jack is a BBC drama based on the life of Anne Lister that’s set in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Make sure you visit both Bankfield Museum and Shibden Hall to see this amazing collection. Find out more about the Gentleman Jack series using the link below.


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