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Product photography


Professional product photography that sells

Selling your products is a tough business, with so many other companies competing to sell their products over yours, it’s crucial to stand out from the crowd. With our professional product photography, we position, light, capture and retouch your product images, enabling them to stand out in product advertising and promotions. This helps your business to build trust and to sell its products with ease.


What we photograph

We’re dedicated to producing excellent quality product photography that helps businesses to generate sales. We can capture a large range of product photography subjects from a diverse selection of industries. Professional product photography sells.


Product photography that pays for itself, tenfold

Professional product photographs ultimately pay for themselves as your business generates more sales and interest based on the quality of its images. A high-quality image that captures a product in it’s best light will sell every time, compared to an image taken on a phone camera. Professional product photography is always worth the initial investment.




The right look, for the right products

In printed marketing and on your website, your product photography is the first thing your potential customers will look at, so it’s important to catch their eye in an instant.

If you use old, low-quality images that are unprofessional, people will think the same about the products and services that you sell. If your business uses timeless, high-quality images that are professional, people will think the same about the products and services that you sell. High-quality photography translates to high-quality products, it’s that simple. Take a look at our before and after examples, you can clearly see the impact of professional photography.


Fabricated Products

“We have recently used IDEA Design for some high-quality promotional photographs of our product range. These are to be used in our product catalogue, website and any documentation such as our operation & maintenance manuals.

As a first-time user of IDEA Design, we are incredibly impressed and satisfied with the level of professionalism exhibited from the staff and the quality of the work that they have produced. We will definitely be using them again and would recommend them to anyone who requires design and photography work of this nature.”

Daniel Brown, Manager at Fabricated Products



“We’ve been working with IDEA for a number of years and have grown confident in their skills and abilities to produce commercial content that helps West Siphonics to sell our products to our commercial industrial clients, through strong brand-related design. Our website is our shop front to the world, so it had to be perfect in every regard, IDEA achieved really this.”

Robert Connor, Director